The History of Sharpenset

The company was founded by Arthur Sharp in 1956, under the name of A Sharp. It started as a small light engineering company and in its infancy leant towards the Sharpening industry, the name helping it along that path. Although always in High Wycombe the company has occupied three sites and its latest home is in Dashwood Avenue where we moved in May 2000.

The Sharpenset Whetstone Knife Grinding Machine, which the company produced became far more famous than the company itself, so in 1977 the company changed its name to Sharpenset Engineering Ltd.

Associated with many different Industries, ranging from paper shredding machines, to component parts for radiators, piano stools, laminate cutters. The mainstay of the company has always been the Sharpenset Whetstone, having sold over 30,000 machines Worldwide.

Many attachments have been developed to make the machines extremely versatile and capable of sharpening most general purpose blades.Over the last 40 years our sharpening machines, have serviced butchers, abattoirs, meat processors, fisheries, woodworkers and many varied industries from glass grinding to plastic mould de-burring.


Sharpenset Engineering Manufactures Precision Sharpening Machines that deliver an unbeatable edge!
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