Welcome to the future of sharpening
For more than 40 years, Sharpenset Engineering has provided customers with precision sharpening tools manufactured using advanced technologies and high-quality engineering.

The key to its diverse product lines is the "SHARPENSET WHETSTONE".This unique machine is able to sharpen virtually anything with an edge and our machines are used in industrial, commercial, and consumer markets around the world

Founded by Arthur Sharp in 1956, we started life as a small light engineering company and in our early days leant towards the Sharpening industry. Since that time we have advanced the evolution of sharpening tools by introducing a high performance sharpening system which has revolutionised the industry.

Today, Sharpenset Engineering is the recognized leader and industry standard in sharpening tools.

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Sharpenset Engineering Manufactures Precision Sharpening Machines that deliver an unbeatable edge!
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